MAFE has been set up by a group of family business owners who felt an urgent need to collaborate to allow the sector to have its voice heard. Brought together to address the current obstacles to the governance and transfer of family businesses through generations, MAFE’s founding members have the vision of a strong and sustainable economic sector, growing by its transfer to every future generation. The necessity of collaboration arises upon the acknowledgment that Malta lacks any specific law targeted towards family enterprises.

European Family Business Study held between Deutsche Bank and European Family Business 2018
MAFE is very pleased to attach the joint Deutsche Bank and European Family Business study on family businesses in which MAFE also collaborated. 

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European Family Business Barometer 2015

The fourth edition of the European Family Business Barometer survey prepared by European Family Businesses (EFB) and KPMG shines a light onto the confidence levels of family businesses, the challenges they face and the changes they need to overcome.
The European Family Business (EFB) and KPMG International have once again joined forces to deliver insights into how the European family business community is fairing and how it perceives its business performance and prospects for growth. This year the clear message that is coming out is that family businesses continue to be highly optimistic about the future and despite the challenges they are focused on pursuing new business opportunities to continue to grow their business. 

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European Family Business Barometer 2013  

The European Family Business Barometer is based on the responses of an online survey, from 600 finished questionnaires which were received from EFB Members. The survey ran from July to September 2013. The responses came from Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

European Family Businesses (EFB) and KPMG have joined forces to create a unique Barometer to measure the confidence levels of the members of EFB, and the opportunities and challenges impacting on their operation in the short, medium and long term. The Barometer indicates that family businesses remain confident in their ability not only to survive the current economic conditions but to also take advantage of opportunities for continued growth, investment and success. 

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